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About Us

Our specialist team consists of four remedial massage therapists and also on board we have Juanita Fuchs our resident Acupuncturist. We have over 40 years of experience combined. We treat the body mechanically as well as holistically using the most up-to-date methods supported in Australia today. We are more than just a massage clinic. All of our remedial massage therapists receive advanced education and training about how the body works structurally, and why mechanically it has the ability to mis-align. We utilise specialised soft tissue techniques to get your body back to optimal alignment. Through advanced deep skeletal muscle release treatments we can remove your pain, and answer many of the questions that will get your body back to performing at its best capability. As well as treating the body with remedial massage our therapists also incorporate acupressure, cupping, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, reiki and bush flower essences when needed.

Our Team


Joanne Paine

As a teenager Joanne received training in massage and has continually been educated in remedial massage and the bodies response to massage and deep tissue therapies for the past 17years. Remedial Massage and movement re alignment is her true passion. Joanne and the team work with some of Australias top Physiotherapists to develop the best method to rehabilitation and freedom of movement.


Lucy Sklenar

Since commencing her study in Remedial massage 9 years ago, Lucy has developed a wide range of knowledge and has mastered the ability to restore the body's misalignment, while providing comfort and relaxation during treatments. Lucy has an in-depth understanding of pain & the body, and uses her wide skill & knowledge base to create optimal alignment and long term results.


Tanja Thomas

Tanja has a wide variety of skills and education regarding the body and how the muscular system responds to tension and injury. Tanja started in the industry as a personal trainer and understands the need to keep the body moving at its best capacity. Keeping the whole body free of tension is the basis of all her treatments.


Shunyo James

Shunyo has worked both domestically and international with Remedial massage. Learning skills from many different therapists and physiotherapists. Shunyos treatments encompass deep tissue techniques to re align the body and release tension from the soft tissues. Shunyo has a deep understanding of pain and takes care of releasing it from the body.


Juanita Fuchs

Juanita's advanced skills in Acupuncture, diet and nutrition complement the remedial therapists on our team. We can now offer our clients a complete solution for their health. Juanita has an in-depth knowledge on how our lifestyle, nutrition and habits affect our entire bodily system. Her ability to restore the body to a healthy balance as well as calm the body through Acupuncture, is a gift. Juanita's treatments can encompass Acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs and valuable dietary advice.