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Our Services

We are here to provide specialised remedial massage and deep tissue re alignment for the whole body. We provide knowledge and treatments which eliminate pain in the body as well as restoring the body to its optimal performance. Through specialsed remedial, deep tissue massage treatments.

Remedial Massage

Massage helps relieve the nerves and muscles associated with lower back pain. Releasing sore tired muscles around the neck area dramatically reduces the severity of head aches.

Sports / Injuries

Deep tissue massage- Specific massage techniques and movements used to move the body into re alignment and rid the body of pain and discomfort.

Pregnancy Massage

Preformed after first the tri mester, Our trained therapists create relaxation and ease of movement through massage for any expecting mother.

Lymphatic Massage

A specific massage technique targeting the lymphatic system enhancing the bodies ability to move fluid faster through tissues and joints.


Preformed on the hands and feet, massage techniques which stimulates the points on the hands and feet which relate to specific organs and areas of the body. Creating balance in the whole body.


Chinese cupps provide a suction feel on the skin to stimulate blood flow through parts of the body which have become slow in movement and blood flow.


Treat stress naturally! gentle slow massage focusing on the relaxation points of the body. Massage focused on treating the whole body into slowing down and relaxing.The treatment to restore peace in the body.


Reiki treatment follows a traditional pattern of hand positions resting above or about the body. Reiki is pure energy and brings about deep relaxation and healing.

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Come see the team at Healthy Balance Massage. For all last minute same day bookings, please call the clinic on 3397 1504.

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Our Team

At Healthy Balance Massage we have five remedial massage therapists and also on board we have Juanita Fuchs our resident Acupuncturist. We have over 40 years of experience combined. We treat the body mechanically as well as holistically using the most up-to-date methods supported in Australia today.


Harry John Egerton

Remedial Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist

Harry has years of experience and training in Chinese Acupuncture and Remedial massage. Harry treats many minor and major types of musculoskeletal problems in the body. With his vast knowledge he is able to combine therapies to gain successful treatment outcomes and much needed relief for the body. Harry is highly skilled in Acupuncture, cupping, remedial massage and Chinese herbs. Harry is easy to chat to and provides great care with his treatments.


Mariana Isaza Restrepo

Remedial Massage Therapist

Mariana has worked both domestically and international with Remedial massage. Learning skills from many different therapists and physiotherapists. Mariana's treatments encompass deep tissue techniques to re align the body and release tension from the soft tissues. Mariana has a deep understanding of pain and takes care of releasing it from the body. Mariana has an international physiotherapy degree making her treatment very thorough and specific to the bodies needs.


Joanne Paine

Remedial Massage Therapist

Joanne has extensive experience with musculoskeletal dysfunction in the body. As a Remedial Massage therapist she will find any muscular dysfunction in the body and work with you to resolve it.

Atchara Inphrom

Atchara has worked both domestically and international with Remedial massage. Atchara has training in both Remedial massage and Chinese acupuncture . Atcharas treatments encompass deep tissue techniques to re align the body and release tension from the soft tissues as well as treatment on the Chinese meridians of the body. Atchara has a deep understanding of the body with over 20 years experience in treating mis alignment with acupressure and Remedial massage.

What Our Customers Have To Say

I have been a Healthy Balance Massage customer for the last ten years and I have always been looked after. They provide exceptional and professional massage and Healthy Balance Massage provides professional and affordable massage with a strong emphasis on customer service. Highly recommended.

Ben Brady

Laboratory manager

I've been a regular customer of Joanne at Healthy Balance Massage Therapy, Coorparoo for several years. Joanne has consistently alleviated any pain I have from ongoing back issues in just one session! She has also been instrumental in providing therapies to help me recover from various sporting injuries. Joanne has always ensured I am able to get an appointment with minimal wait time, be it after hours or on weekends, which I appreciate as a busy professional. I will continue to consult with Joanne and highly recommend Joanne to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and skilled therapist.

Brooke Roberts

Principal - Barrister at law

Been coming here for years, all the therapists are very friendly, professional and most importantly knowledgeable in their work. Would trust no one else in readjusting my hips and back. Highly recommend it! 10/10 rating every time I visit, no matter who I see, would not go anywhere else!

Morgana Krawsiw

Financial adviser

Living in Australia i do very hard jobs. One day i woke up with a strong back pain which was impossible resolve with medicines. I went to healthy balance massage clinic, where i was attended by friendly staff and i received the most professional massage to resolve my problem. Really thanks to H & B and recommend so much.

Pablo Zuñiga

Medical doctor Colombia

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