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When is it time for a Remedial Massage?

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When is it time for a Remedial Massage?

When is it time for a remedial massage?

There are a few signs the body will try to make you aware of to tell you that it’s time to get a remedial massage treatment.

1. I am getting aches in bed at night after I lay down after the first few hours. These aches seem to randomly appear; however they are mostly due to the hard work your body has done through the day. Once our bodies are still and resting blood settles and creates inflammation around places that have been working to hard throughout the day. This is a great time to seek remedial massage!
2. I am stretching, breathing, walking and I feel it is having no affect to loosen my body after I have done this. This is a sign the body has often to tight and jammed up to release itself without help. It is also a sign tightness has gotten passed a mild stage in the body. Remedial massage really helps this situation because the mind and body can relax whilst muscles get released.
3. I am not getting through the work day without pain. The body has gotten to a tight and inflamed stage where the muscles are tight and also the optimal posture isn’t able to be reached at work due to the pain and tightness. Remedial massage treatments will provide relief and also provide the opportunity for the body to find the correct posture once muscles relax. These situations can come up multiple times throughout our lives. The most effective and successful Remedial massage treatment with clients is when a regular remedial massage treatment is booked every 4 weeks. This can get on top of any tightness the client is unaware of and also treat any pain or dis function which may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions in relation to Remedial massage. We are here to help you!

Jo Paine

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